IMG_0578-172x300 IMG_0571-207x300Falko Soundshields is developed to protect orchestral musicians from hearing injuries and tinnitus. The catalogue of 15 different types of soundshields are formed and constructed in order to protect the single musician without distracting him/her or taking up to much workspace. During the process construction we have worked close together with professional musicians. QuickGuide to the Soundshields The shield is of 3-4 mm transparent acryl or polycarbonat(unbreakable). The footbase of the strong steelstand is coated with black epoxy and is identical with the Notabene notestands. The telescope bar and the shield is stepless adjusted. The stands’ 2 basic adjustments and the tilt possibilities gives high flexibility. In order to meet extreme acoustics, we have developed a soundabsorption, which is added on the soundshields. Through massive testing we’ve located the exact areas on the shields, where the absorptionmaterials has to be placed. Visual design is a high priority and the coating is kept in tasteful charcoal grey. In the rehearsal room for Århus Symphonic Orchestra all our soundshields are tested. The frequencies picked out of the audiocurves, is chosen from the areas that musicians finds most incriminating. Hold our types of soundshields up against the audiocurves you’ll see in magazines, then it’s not that difficult to choose the type of shield that matches you level of absorption and needed working space. In the next pages there is lot of information on soundshields. You can find illustrations, pictures, audiocurves and sketches and general info on Falko Soundshields. we hope you’ll enjoy your new soundshield and if you should have any questions please contact us. Yours Kindly – H Falk Magnussen Orchestra Equipment. lydskraeme-test