Conductor’s stand Falko

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The conductor’s stand has been designed and built with the beautiful setting of the Carl Nielsen Hall in Odense Concert Hall, Denmark, in mind.
The base is made from Oregon pine, matching the hall’s interior.

The design of the base strengthens the climax of the conductor’s performance while the orchestra produces its best.

Note the fine junction of the polished brass safety rail.

A conductor’s stand must be elegant and pleasing to the eye – it must emphasise the conductor and his work. Falko Conductor’s Stand is genuine craftsmanship and a beautiful piece of furniture.
Stable and robust.
Easy to adjust stand height.
Easy to move or dismantle.
Odense Symphony Orchestra chose Falko Conductor’s Stand as the prerequisites for making their wishes come true were present.

If you consider purchasing a new conductor’s stand we can create an attractive piece of furniture that underlines the appeal of your concert hall.