Orchestra chair Falko® Komfort

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1: Chairback: stepless vertical adjustment

2: Chairback: stepless horisontal adjustment

3: Legs:Height adjustment to the mm, heigt of seat from 46 – 56 cm.

Or the seat can be tilted forward og backward

Musica Professionel is delivered in black enamel paint and silk matted.
Measures is printed on chairlegs.
Seat and chairback is cushioned with formstrong coldfoam and coated with t.e black wool material

Musica Professionel is easy stackable

The orchestra which has it all.
Musica Professionel is designed be musiciansv The body rests and the soul flies freely
It affects the music and you feel it in your back
The chair is adjustable so it always fits perfectly for both male and female instruments
Relaxed, but strong bodypostion.
Musica Professionel gives you space to concentrate on the music.
Musica Professionel reduces workrelated injuries

Musica Professionel is silent and lets you do the music

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