Soundshield FalkoOffice

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Take care of your hearing * improve your working environment

The sound shield is made from transparent, unbreakable polycarbonate and fitted with sound absorbing material on the inside, which consists of a 25 mm lining covered with black fabric with an open weaved structure. The construction also eliminates any resonance. A smart shield with a non-conspicuous design which provides a peaceful environment to work in. Copies of sound tests including sound charts indicating the sound shield’s sound absorption properties are obtainable.

Falko Office Sound Shield

Developed for office landscapes, talk centres and other places with frequent telephone conversations.

Fold out the ‘ear flaps’ – increase your concentration while working

There is no need to lose concentration and become irritated by the noise from other people’s telephone conversations. The Falko sound shield attaches to the back rest of your chair. The shield follows the inclination of the back rest and is steplessly adjustable both up/down and forwards/backwards. This allows the shield to match your sitting position at all times and allows you to follow what is going on around you while at the same time giving you the necessary peace to work.

Office Data:
Over shoulder
Front edge:
Sound absorbtion:
Steelstand:Stand interval:
3 mm thick
30 cm.
20 cm.
30 cm.
35 cm.
19 cm.
25 mm. tichk
steel, galvaniced and
coated with black epoxy.
45 cm