Soundshield Falko S600

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Built for Musician to Contrabass Cello and Trombone. Our Sound shields have sliding adjustment. They can be tilted and/or mounted on a musician’s chair.
Shoulder- friendly angle horizontally.

We utilize highly sensitive sound measuring equipment to achieve a high degree of accuracy.
Avoid hearing damage and tinnitus
Discreet, almost invisible safeguard against high intensity sound
Our sound shields offer such effective protection, that you can still play in an orchestra even if you suffer from tinnitus

The noise reduction, measured in dB, for frequencies, from 500-4000 Hz
See sound curves and tables
Developed in consultation with Cellist from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Stockholm

Technical specifikations:
Falko® Sound Shield S600 and S600B
Screen: 3mm polycarbonate, shatterproof, transparent.
Height: Side 20 cm back. 30 cm
Also with horizontal 60 gr. Shoulder- friendly angle.
Both the right and left hand
Width: 24 cm
Depth: 30 cm
Internal facing: Special sound absorbs ion, 25 mm thick. 18 height
External facing: Sound stop 10 mm for S515B Height 18 cm.

Plinth: Black. Robust, epoxy coated steel
Width of plinth: 46 cm
With folding option for travel.
Telescope: Zink electroplated box section steel tubing. Black or metallic.
Weight: 4 kg
Hight: 90 cm with sliding adjustment.
Max height from floor,145 cm
Can be ordered in a taller version. F. ex: 20 cm

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Among other users the following use this sound shield from Falko
Kgl. Teater Operahuset, København, DK
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Stockholm, SE