Orchestra chair Falko® Stabilo

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New chair in a new design with the good qualities

– Falko Stabil offers comfortable seating for all musicians

– The seat offers stepless adjustment in many different angles.

– The back rest offers stepless adjustment up and down, back and forward

– Both seat and back rest are adjusted using the same lever

– The legs consist of thick steel tubes (20 mm) with black epoxy coating

– Adjustable feet with round heads give optimum floor contact

– Falko Stabil can be delivered in two standard heights e.g.: 48 cm and 52 cm

– Falko Stabil is stackable

– The seat is ophulstered with cold foam. Providing a very stable form

– The back rest is ophulstered with softer foam

– Both seat and back rest are ophulstered with thick wool for maximum durability

– Comes in black, blue or the color of your choice.


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