Music Stand Notabene Conductor

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Notabene CONDUCTOR is a conductors stand for scores of usual size. The noteboard is of plywood wih two aluminimum shelves. The lower shelf is covered in black felt. The noteboard’s angle is secured by a sturdy locking lever. A matching lamp is available as extra equipment. Black is the standard colour.

Technical specifications:
Height regulation: 70-120 cm
Weight: 8 kg
Noteboard size: 33×53 cm
Center og gravity: Low – compact foot
Shelf material: Epoxy coated aluminium
Foot material: Epoxy coated steel
Foot width: 46 cm
Colour: Black
Shelf depth: 4,5 cm
Shelf surface: Felt coated
Felt colour: Black
Moving parts: Zinc coated
Securing of noteboard: Eccentric lock
Stackable: Yes
Packing: Singly in post package

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