Music Stand Notabene Student

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Notabene STUDENT is available in four versions: Low/light, high/light, low/heavy and high/heavy. The noteboard is of plate aluminium with an aluminium shelf. Black is the standard colour, but white can be ordered. Velour felt for the noteboard in red, blue, green or black is available as extra equipment. A matching lamp and felt coated accoutrements tray are also available as extras.

Technical specifikation:
High type, height regulation : height regulation : 60 – 115 cm
Heavy type, (heavy foot) : 6,3 kg
Light type, (light foot) : 3,8 kg
Noteboard size : 33 x 53 cm
Noteboard material : Epoxy coated aluminium
Foot material : Epoxy coated steel
Footwidth: 46 cm
Colour : Black
Shelfdepth : 4,5 cm
Moving parts : Zinc coated
Required space for stacking : 10 units = 0,7 m²
50 units = 3,1 m²
Packaging : 10 units in cardbord box (volume: 0,38 m³)
Singly in post package

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Order no.:
High – light 21002
High – heavy 21179
Low – light 21136
Low – heavy 21178