Music Stand Notabene TOURNE

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Notabene TOURNE is a collapsable music stand designed to cater touring musicians. The supporting foot can be swung under and up to fold with the main stand and the noteboard can easily be detached. It is delivered 5 a set packed in a robust travelling box. Additional equipment includes felt for noteboard in choice of 4 collurs red, blue, green or black, instrument tray in two and a specially designed lamp. Standard colour is black, but white can be delivered on demand.

Technical specifikations:
Height regulation: 60-115 cm
Weight: 3,4 kg
Noteboard size: 33×53 cm
Noteboard materiale: Epoxy coated aluminium
Footmaterial: Epoxy coated steel
Footwidth: 46 cm
Colour: Black
Shelf depth: 4,5 cm
Moving parts: Zinc coated
Packaging: 5 units in transport case
(74x53x49 cm)
(volume: 0,2 m³)
Singly in post package

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Order no.:
5 units in transport case 21 216
Singly in post package 21 217