Soundshield Falko S565B NEW

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Welcome to the safe orchestral environment offered by Falko acoustic protection screens.

Welcome to the safe orchestral environment offered by Falko acoustic protection screens.
The side nearest the user is coated with a 25mm layer of special acoustically absorbent material – a discreet, yet robust noise protective surface. The outer side is coated with 10mm of sound stop to combat reflected noise.
Falko acoustic screens offer effective noise reduction and protection in an uncomplicated and high quality design.
The acoustic characteristics of our screens are shown in the diagram.
Frequencies from 50-4000 Hz and pink noise measurements. The yellow diagram shows frequencies for the different instruments in the orchestra. Utilization of the newest calibration equipment offers extreme precision and sensitivity and unsurpassed results. The current measurements were obtained in the symphonic concert hall at Musikhuset in Aarhus, Denmark.
Our acoustic screens are micro adjustable for height and angle and if there is less than optimum room, then the screen can be mounted on each musician’s chair. Musician’s comment: “Just lean your head back for total protection”.

Technical data:
Screen height: 20 cm.
Width: Int: 21 cm. ext: 28 cm.
Depth: Int: 21 cm. ext: 25 cm.
4 vertical hinging options.
Horizontal shoulder hinge. 60* Micro adjustable.
Micro adjustable height adjustment
Special acoustic absorption material on inside 25 X 25 cm.
Soundstop 10 mm thick on outside.
Height: 19 cm.
Lower stand: Strong, steel construction with black epoxy coating.
Base width: 46 cm.
Telescopic shaft: square section galvanized steel. Metallic or black options.
Weight: 3.5 kg.
Min. height to lower edge of screen: 90 cm, micro adjustable.
Max. height 145 cm from floor.
Optional extra height available on order.

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